About us is a machine learning company at its heart with strong specialization on Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our team is made up of exceptional engineers and creative problem solvers that ever since are driven by the passion of solving real-world problems with technology.
Born in 2017, was based on the idea that the human language will be the interface of the future. Bridging the gap between humans and machines we enable everybody to Ask By AI.

When working with us, there will always be an substantial part of teaching included in our projects. We emphasize the importance of sustainable knowledge transfer to our clients.
Besides the love to solve problems using AI, we also provide guidance to our clients by explaining complex methodology in a very simple way - that is the part we are most excited about.

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Meet the team behind


Image of Jan Saputra Müller
Jan Saputra Müller
ML Research Lead

Jan has been a Machine Learning expert and veteran long before media knew that this term exists. Starting with coding at an age of 8 years and deriving his own approximation formulas for π before going to high school, Jan lives and breathes technology and science. This path led him to work as a Machine Learning Researcher @ TU Berlin since 2008 as well as working as a ML and data science consultant @ idalab. Apart from ML, he has a passion for geometry and digital signal processing.

Image of Stefan Matting
Stefan Matting
ML Developer

Stefan is a passionate software developer and mathematician. In 2014 he joined Outfittery as the first data scientist and helped to grow the ML team over the years. With his team he developed multiple ML-powered applications all the way from concept to production. Stefan can get excited about any topic that lives at intersection of computing, math and art. His enthusiasm for the functional programming paradigm can be seen in every software that is created at AskBy.

Image of Sajagan Thirugnanam
Sajagan Thirugnanam
Mkt & Development

Saju joined Flaconi in 2013 as a marketing analyst and has since then quickly expanded his skills across many areas. He is able to bridge the gap between tech & business, which makes him a valuable player in the two fields: from building data warehouses, ETL processes, analytics algorithms, training of our Neural Networks for AskBy NL Query using Python/Haskell to simply creating websites and marketing campaign. He has a wealth of experience that he can draw upon to help solve your problems.

Image of Hans Ritschl
Hans Ritschl
MD & BizDev

Hans is a machine learning fascinated product/business guy. His very first job was at Zalando in 2009 among the first 20 employees, where he build up the first marketing analytics unit. Hooked by the startup spirit, he fell in love with building data products and continued at Flaconi as a Head of BI. Hans is a very strategic problem solver with a high affinity to numbers which also made him love Excel. Fun fact: With his school friend, Hans founded in 2006 the Späti "Nightworker" in Dresden, which still exists.

How we work with you

We work closely together with you to make sure we are on the right path.

  1. 1


    We help you to identify processes in your business that can be improved using AI and NLP.

  2. 2

    Project proposal

    Using our experience and knowledge, we prepare a project proposal for a proof-of-concept - including an effort estimation.

  3. 3


    We develop a ML/NLP model for you, proving the viability for your problem.

  4. 4


    At the end of the project, we present you the results of the PoC and discuss the next steps with you how to get the PoC to production.

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