Ask your data with
Natural Language Processing

Imagine you could ask your computer:
"Who are our top 100 customers in Berlin?" or "I need all addresses and phone numbers of open leads"

AskBy's pure AI-driven technology will allow you to request any kind of data in any language the same way you would ask your colleague. Simply ask for the data you need to analyze and AskBy delivers it instantly through the interface you prefer (Slack, Skype, HTML widget etc.). AskBy's proprietary technology which is based on our own developed architecture Nefisto (Neural finite state output) allows translation of natural language into any kind of structured data, e.g. SQL, API requests or Python.


Simply ask your database

Unleash the power of data democratization in your company and enable everyone to be a data analyst!

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“We decided to integrate AskBy in 2017 and since then are astonished by AskBy‘s capability to translate natural language into API requests that precisely.”
Norman Wahnschaff
Webtrekk CEO