Anonymization of personal data - GDPR compliant

Anonymized data is not subject to privacy regulations. In order to fulfill GDPR's right "to be forgotten" it is sufficient to anonymize personal information according to the judgement of the Austrian Data Protection Authority (Source). This also applies to the data from individuals commanding companies to remove and delete their own data.

Anonymize personal information

Anonymization in healthcare

Anonymization of medical data is crucial for their further usage in research and development. This includes texts such as patient records. Through anonymization you can guarantee that you can no longer conclude from the records on the patient's identity. This allows further analysis of the data by other parties without endangering the privacy of an individual.

Your own anonymization system

AskBy can help you to develop a system to anonymize documents - tailored to your needs. For this purpose, AskBy finetunes a pre-trained Language Model (LM) to identify personal information in your documents. As a result, you can use this model to remove personal information from your data automatically.